Huanggang Primary School

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  Huanggang Primary School was founded in 1931 by Jing De (private) School.

  In 1931, some overseas Chinese from Huanggang Village and their compatriots in Hong Kong and Macau decided to set up a school. They

raised more than 2000HK Dollars to renovate the “Zhuang Temple” in Huanggang Village as the site of the school. The school was opened in

the spring of 1932.


  In 1951, the government approved the establishment of a joint primary school with Huanggang Primary School as its centre (schools

include Xinzhou, Shazui, Shawei, Meilin, Futian and Gangxia). In 1954, Huanggang Primary School was named “Baoan County Second District

Haunggang Centre Primary School”. From 1957 to 1958, Huanggang was awarded with the honorable title of “excellence in education”

by the State Council. 



   In 2003, they started to construct a modern school with 30 classes covering an area of 16,000.8 m² and a building area of 10,283 m².

The new Huanggang Primary School was inaugurated on the 10th of March, 2005.


  Presently, there are 31 classes and more than 1,280 students and over 80 teaching staff at the school. Among them, we have 8 teachers

with graduate degrees and 45 teachers with undergraduate degrees. The school’s motto is “value virtue (morality)”. Our management is

governed by the concept that “education is the basis spearheaded by good virtue (morality)”. And our school is governed by the concept

“teach by law and democracy”.


  With the help of the famous teacher project, the elder teacher help new teacher project, reading activities, the Huanggang cup race,

the research on education and teaching activities, we vigorously promote the change in teaching and learning methods and the professional

development of teachers. The school pays attention to the cultivation of students’ basic discipline quality. We cultivate students’

interests and hobbies through field composition competition, read the same book activity, English song competition, creative competition

such as Chinese activity week, English activity week and math activity week, and special activities such as the Science festival. We also

promote teaching through lively activities. The swimming team has won the swimming competition in Futian district for nine years and won

the swimming competition in Shenzhen city many times. Since it was founded in 2007, the football team has repeatedly won the first three

titles in various competitions at the national, municipal and local levels. Many students have entered the national Youth Team.


  Every year, the school will hold “three festivals, one month-long event and three seminars”. The school regularly has a sport

festival, a science and technology festival, and an arts festival. Every November, there is a month long event called the “School Reading

Month”. The three seminars include a moral education seminar, a teaching seminar and a teacher’s reading seminar. The school has been

awarded with the excellence in education in Shenzhen award, the municipal government efficiency award, the city’s green school award,

the first pilot school with a football field and the title of Shenzhen traditional sports project school and more.






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